Building a 6 Cord Woodshed For FREE… Part 1! EP 6

Hello follow along for the construction of my 4th woodshed for stacking fire wood. This shed yields about 6 cords of wood and is built entirely from free recycled wood!
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  1. So you have discovered what everybody has been doing in 3rd world countries since the invention of the

  2. I would consider that you have made a dance floor with those pellets, And a Palis for critters, Suggest you get a jack-russel for rat catching session,

  3. Thanks for changing out the pallet in the middle with the crooked board. I did not realize that I too must have OCD! 😎 Tim @ Cliffside Acres

  4. You should have left the two-by-fours long so that it ties the pallets together…….. duh….. that duh was constructive criticism so don't let it bother you. : )

  5. You could build a shed out of the crap you have laying around in your yard , CLEAN UP THE JUNK IN YOUR YARD , YOU DONT SH!T WHERE YOU RECORD . WILL MAKE A BETTER VIDEO .

  6. Wonder why we had to watch you clearing the area before starting the build. Start the video at the start of the build, not the start of the site clearance – we don't need to see how to do that.

  7. I'm a new subscriber! I must be distant relative. I have lots of pallor and crates too. Going to build a mower shed, I hope. Glad I found your channel!

  8. Not trying to sound like a hater but pallet companies never make pallets out of cedar…too costly…its either fir or hemlock or possibly pine in the west and mostly hard wood in the east…..and unless you stack wood on those 6 pallets 8' high….your shed can only hold max 3 cords…..remember a cord is 4' high….4' deep and 8' long….thats 2 of those pallets each…..but keep up the good work……..

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