Building a 12×16 Tool Shed for 400 bucks | Vlogmill

Our Nest Cabins project has gone South, so I’m pheonixing up this channel and dedicating more to sawmill and some home renovation work. All the lumber for this shed was cut by me on our LT50 sawmill. The only purchased materials were the roofing and CMU blocks, which were just under 0. I used about 1500 bdft total
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  1. Charley do you still have your stationary mill that is electric? Or did you sell it and buy a portable sawmill?

  2. I always enjoy your videos. Maybe next year get one of those plastic pressure garden sprayers and use that to apply your Thompson’s Water Sealer. It will be quicker and u can into areas easier than brushing but don’t do it near plants or grass>>> Good Luck and keep up the Great Work !!!

  3. Charlie, you have a good presentation. Honest and straightforward discussion about your plans. God bless you and Sarah

  4. great video, I'm starting my own shed in the spring…did you dry all that lumber or use it green? if green any problems?

  5. how did you get into carpentry work? Have you always been building or did you dive into it post-engineering job?

  6. I would love to know how you learned all these awesome building skills! Grew up with family that taught you? Self taught? On the job learning?

  7. do you guys have high clay content in your soil? wondering how you did the foundation. i see you dug it up, put some aggregates, laid some thin blocks then cmu stacked over it. any rebar/mortar? interested in details of that foundation. looks fast and good enough for shed in clay soil. thanks for putting up the videos

  8. I cannot edit at all so I my vids are RAW, you are doing fine.
    I'm not expert but here is my suggestion:
    Do simple build vids, narration can be limited but get lots of detail shots and maybe a little explanation as to why you chose to do something that way.

  9. So far so good. It takes time to get better at doing videos. The more you do the better you'll get. I'm sorry to hear about the family stuff.
    Keep up the great work

    Thanks for sharing and God bless

  10. Did not realize there was a new addition. Sorry to hear about the cabin venture. I hope that in time the relatives situation will improve. Keep the videos coming, I will be watching.

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