20 Replies to “Building a 12' x 20' Shed in SketchUp – Part 1 – Live”

  1. Tony – This is a great Sketchup video. It's really taught me a lot about using the program. Just lay off us Green Builders, will ya. We've been building green for over 10 years now and we build almost exactly the same as your drawing, if not beefier. We have to meet hurricane and tornado standards. I don't know who you were running into, but if they were building less than what you've drawn, they were hacks. – Keep up the good work, brother. You have the talent!

  2. Thanks for your help Tony. You're a Great American. I'm doing a drawing for my building inspector and you gave me a fantastic headstart.

  3. What a great video, Tony. Just started using Sketchup Free and am so glad I found you; I have learned so much from just this one video. I like how you teach carpentry at the same time you're teaching Sketchup. I also enjoy the political commentary. Keep up the good work.

  4. Somewhere around 1:52:20 you're trying to color your osb siding sheet by selecting it after you make it a full sheet. I found that if you make your rectangle 4×8, then color it, then bring it out to 1/2", the whole sheet will be colored. Great videos. Thanks.

  5. Fantastic video, really helped using groups, making components and using layers. Appreciate the extra time you spent going over the small stuff. This was exactly the video I was looking for now that I am building a new shed. I just wish I had your carpenter knowledge to go along with it.

  6. Could I be missing an add-on or something because when I use the PUSH tool as you describe, I can never get it to say "On Face" It just keeps going. Any suggestions?

  7. Hey brother, really appreciate your video, this is the first of yours I have seen. I appreciate that you are an accountant, own your business, have a passion for teaching, and bonus for advocating second amendment rights, etc. I do real estate on the side of my day job, and very interested in learning some more things about construction. I'm hoping to combine one of my other hobbies with construction and start a business. But I would like some input on construction process. I'd love to run some of my ideas by you. What's the best way to share contact information on youtube?

  8. lol @ ~ 1:40:00 when you went out of perspective and then manipulated the 2d thing it did blow my mind.. cuz of exactly your stated reason 😀 haha

  9. A lot of great info here. And THANK YOU for recording with audio. It makes it so much more helpful and pleasant–there are too many videos without audio (very annoying) and they are next to worthless.

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