Building 6m x 4m (20' x 13') Shed

This Shed is 6m x 4m with 4m height
Used wood:
Outside : Douglas wood cladding
Inside: Spruce wood


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20 Replies to “Building 6m x 4m (20' x 13') Shed”

  1. question been watching your videos full of info thanks for that, but i'm struggling on what to go for in the ways of base for my photography studio wood or concrete which is best. thanks in advance steve

  2. I enjoy spending time on their website. Aside from the wide range of shed to choose from [ Check Details Here=> ] there is so much back up information on the actual construction as well as the ancillaries required to complete that how to make a shed entirely. Great site.

  3. Nice job and well done on the filming. It give me some good idea on the one I'll be building. Just a question – Due to its size, did you have to obtain planning permission form the local council with it being close to the boundary line?

  4. What an amazing shed , I am so envious. Did you have any problems regarding the overall height of the shed ? i.e.the local council ? What a fantastic job well done!

  5. Lovely big shed, I'm envious! I'd have lain a course of engineering bricks along the footings to keep the timber away from the ground and wet.

  6. Thank you Ryan for releasing a great product as this [ Check Details Here?> WoodBlueprints. Com ]. Most of the plans I have imagined in my mind are put down on your woodworking plans. This is more like a genius job. I love it!?

  7. Great build and well filmed. I would agree with an earlier comment about fitting gutters, but also a drip strip above your double doors. The top hatch/door is probably far enough up to be sheltered by the roof overhang. The double doors on my shed are more or less flush with the facing and are on the prevailing weather side of the shed. I fitted one before I ended up with any problems. Cheers.

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