Build a Shed Ramp

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Build your own shed ramp, sturdy and easy to build. Made like a deck from pressure treated lumber. Here in Florida the wood will shrink and leave little gaps for expansion. If your ramp will be in a cooler climate you might need to leave gaps between the treads,. Subscribe now. New how-to videos on the way.
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  1. ACtually you answered my question!  2×10 stringer!  Can't wait to do this for a weekend project.

    Are you using pressure treated wood since it's making contact with the ground?  How do you prevent rott?  Or is it adviced to paint/stain the wood?

    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you for this video!  I was almost going to spend $110 for a kit… I built my shed using a kit but thanks to your video this is very direct and actually simpler than what I thought!

    You used a 2×12" board for the runners… My ramp only needs to be up to about 7" tall… I feel the 2×12 will be too tall for the ramp any way of modifying it or just cut the board down first then cut the diagnal cut like you did in your first step?


  3. Woodworking is quite a difficult job. Building a shed ramp is likewise tough but through this video it is somehow made even easier to follow. I guess this step by step approach can really help to make your shed long lasting.

  4. Ted, my shed door extends 1" beyond the door opening. What would be the simplest way to be able to close the door and still have the ramp even with the shed floor? I'm guessing I either have to remove 1" from the door or leave it and mount the ramp one inch lower than the shed floor and have a 1" bump.
    Also, my shed floor is 17" from the ground. Would it be ok to build the height of the "ground" with concrete pavers as long as it's level, or should I just use wider wood to make the stringers?

  5. Thanks so much for a great video. I was able to build my ramp in about an hour and it looks beautiful and doesn't even budge when I drive my lawn tractor into the shed.
    You rock!!!

  6. Thanks for watching, here in Florida I never leave gaps in pressure treated wood outdoors because the climate will do it for you, I used this ramp on my shed and it now has very wide gaps even though I tightened the boards with a ratchet strap. If you are using kiln died wood or you are in a climate where there wont be shrinkage I would definitely leave gaps between the treads.
    You can also reduce the angle and lengthen the riser to make it safer and easier to use, it just costs a little more

  7. Thanks a lot, you have shown me that building a small ramp is a lot easier than i was thinking 😀 a question though, do you not want a small gap between the treds to allow greater water flow to reduce slipperiness when its wet and getting a bit mouldy?

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