Build a shed or buy a shed?

This is the video I wish I had when I was trying to decided what shed was going to be the best option for me.

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  1. Building your own it’s not just saving money it’s all about the care , quality and pc of mind..
    U cant blame the retail store because of that quality but u can still enjoy paying them in 18 months without interest ..
    Most people they want cheap so it defends whos spending money..
    20 footer cargo steel is just $2000 for a price but your neighbor is not gonna like it unless u leave in wilderness area😜

  2. You can build a garage for these prices. It is a no brainer. Build your own for a fraction of these prices.

  3. Thanks for the motivation! I've seen the crap at Lowes. SUCKS. I'll be building my own. Thanks for taking the time to make this presentation! VERY HELPFUL!!! Thumbs up, and SUBSCRIBED!!!

  4. This is an Illegal shed East Coast Florida.
    Must have engineers stamp for minimum 150-180 mph windloading.

  5. Most codes have a code exemption for non living space. X # sq ft max.
    Call code office for setback requirements. U can use cement block to build a grave ramp with cement pour.

  6. good looking, quality build you have there. Nice work. That said, you have some construction knowledge and tools, where most people don't. Like you, I've already got all the tools I need and enough knowledge to build my own. The pride and satisfaction of a "job well done" (along with the detail given to make sure it's done correctly) is why I do most of my own builds, repairs, etc…including a shop/shed. Clearly, if you have the tools, time, and know-how….build your own. By the way….what interstate is that you're living next to?! Damn, that constant noise would drive me crazy!!

  7. Pre-made got to pay for the labor. DYI you are giving your labor away, so be fair. Plus the sheds are there to look at. No like-No buy. Goody for you. Your attitude is reflecting your pride in your work as it should be. Keep it real.

  8. OK just finished watching your video and my equilibrium has finally returned to normal. So I suggest in future videos that you slow down that rate at which you pan. I regards to your shed a very nice attempt but for all the viewers, you missed a few things in your research and build.The first layer of your floor needs to be pressure treated ply wood because over time your floor will rot away from moisture rising from the ground below. Also, as moisture enters your shed depending on your area, it can rust items that are stored long term inside. A a small vent on the roof will solve that and keep your shed cooler in the summer. Last thing you have created a perfect spot for small critters to have babies and seek refuge under you shed. While they are underthere they might easily claw their way through the floor so some chicken wire or 1/4" metal screening along the lower perimeter will help prevent that.

  9. If you can build it, do so.
    If you have no mechanical experience or tools, I recommend to purchase, just be frugal when buying

  10. ok, first, you did nothing but bash all of the big box stores for their pricing. those sheds are for people who dont know how to plan, or the tools to cut. yes, they are more expensive, but those companies have to pay for that giant parking lot that you were standing on, as well as the employees, power bill, water bill, etc. etc.. i do agree that building your own shed is much cheaper, but no sense in knocking those companies for it. second, you never said how much YOU spent, nor the time it took you. you did a nice job, and although your "mistakes" werent really anything bad, im sure that you spent a crap load of time building it, especially with all the extra reinforcement that you used. the big box stores generally want to make it easy on their customers to build, so they keep it basic. and on a side note… im not sure what kind of "snow" you get there, but if its so heavy that its going to cave in a wood roof, you might wanna think about selling your home and your new shed and moving to a much warmer climate! just saying….

  11. In my state/county concrete blocks like you have make it "real" property and thus taxable. Skids are not a "real" foundation and do not increase your real estate taxes.

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