20 Replies to “Build a Garden Shed – Wall Framing”

  1. Hi Ryan, I just want to thank you so much [Check Details Here⇒>deam.design/v39d ]! Your plan has saved me much money for buying a pre-built kit from the local market. I am always amazed at the easy way the guidelines takes one through. A great product!

  2. This is waaaaay overbuilt, nearly twice the cost of traditional framing, not to mention twice the work, but also, he made the joints so tight wood will start splitting as it expands. This is a tremendous waste of time, effort, materials, and money.

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  4. This shed is overbuilt where it doesn't need to be and it is under built where it counts.
    They used 3x as much lumber as is required for a sturdy structure but then they use gravel for footers and a pier foundation.
    By notching out those 4×6 corner posts, you're only leaving about 2"x4" of meat at the weakest point.

  5. жалко не плнимаю что он говорит. столько материала хорошего надо было бы побольше делать

  6. Wow someone actually used screws instead of nails in the big post. My question is that do you really need treated lumber and 4×4 post for a shed?

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