20 Replies to “Build a Garden Shed – Roof Framing”

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  2. Ryan has the best materials out there on the market [ Check Details Here=>deam.design/9trw ]. I was stuck while building my first wood shed, so frustrated I have to abandon that project. I'm glad to have come in contact with Ryan's building plan. It's amazing.

  3. To add, installing fascia with a nail gun, looks like shit.  Should be installed with hot dip galvanized casing nails…or trim head screws…and then filled.

  4. Way overbuilt….and I would say uselessly overbuilt.  Certainly not a good tutorial for how to frame a shed.  In the end, though, the corner joints are never as strong as regular framing, which has firm overlaps.  I would just ignore this tutorial, unless you're simply interested in the design ideas……the cut end designs.  You gotta want to throw money away, to build a shed like this.  I really have to just shake my head at the amount of wasted wood in this build, that adds no esthetic or structural value to the shed.  It simply adds dead weight.

  5. This is crazy. With 4×6 corner posts only need one 4×4 per wall. 2×3 for the shingle roof – FAAAAARK. This is a great build if you love throwing money away – for no reason at all.

  6. too thick timbers for a small area. It would have been in same strength with half of the materials. If you do not plan to put water tank in roof, it is overkill.

  7. Wow… this guys uses all of my tools… I love Milwaukee M18s, and also love those Paslodes (I've got a nice big-boy framer like he does, and a nice finish-nailer – not so much a fan of the gas canister though lol), and he also uses similar clamps like I do… And like he does, I like to check to see if it is FLUUUUSH lol. Man, how I love to BUILD stuff… I could watch stuff about building and build all day and not even get hungry…lol.

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