Bike shed how to build 007 Final build

Bike shed how to build 007 Final build

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In this the seventh and final video following build of, what I like to think of, as a bike wardrobe, I fill up my van and drive it all up to the clients garden near ‘The Smoke’.

My dog came along with me to keep me company and we woke the next morning to glorious weather for the first day of putting the shed back together again,

As the shed had been constructed as a flat pack, the main structure went back together really quickly,

For the first time the cladding was nailed onto the walls giving me the first glimpse of its finished state,

As the scaffold post extended slightly beyond the existing paving I dug out a hole and popped an old bucket into it and filled it up with concrete to set as a pad to securely fix the foot of the post.

Working into the evening I fixed the felt to the roof in case of rain.

A glass of wine beckoned…

The next morning feeling a little more refreshed I tackled the mighty door using a skateboard to easily move this heavy section around.

I fitted a heavy duty wheel on the end of the door to help support its weight and cut away some of the stone pavers to allow the door to smoothly open.

Then just a case of re-fitting the top triangle sections of the door and their pulley system, the shelves to the inside and the bike clamp,

The clients have previously bought one of my hangUp skate hooks and asked me to fit it inside the shed for their sons skateboard. You too can buy one from my website

All that was left to do was to hang up the bikes, and they all fitted in nicely with room to spare.

All finished by mid afternoon leaving time to take my dog for a walk before the clients came home to enjoy their new Bike Wardrobe.

The bike Wardrobe achieved its aim of providing a shed that evokes a tradition clad and felt roof garden shed though with a quirkiness to it of the scaffolding poles that allow the bikes to be stored in a small space and slide out to be used. This ‘open’ area and the shelving/flip down tables allow for maintenance to easily be undertaken.

And it looks cool!

I so enjoyed designing and building this project and I hope you have enjoyed watching the process

If you would like to catch the whole series please follow the link :

I also make a series of videos called ‘Its a Rubbish Challenge’ where I challenge myself to give the things that we throw away a new life, to make them useful or adapt them to save buying in new ‘stuff’.

I aim to make them all interesting and I hope they may inspire you to give it a go, take a look at your rubbish bin and make yourself something great from it.

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7 Replies to “Bike shed how to build 007 Final build”

  1. Wonderful wonderful job! I love the project, I love the videos – great editing, and you're great on camera. I'm delighted to subscribe!

  2. Hey Rion super cool! Fantastic that you are going to make yourself a bike shed.

    I unfortunately don't have a full materials list of actual lengths though take a look at the Instructables of the build for a general materials list

    The best way is to measure your bikes and to sketch out on paper working out the size you need based on the space that the bike shed is going to occupy. This process of testing and design is an important part of making any project and honestly is as enjoyable and creative as building.

    Please let me know how you get on, maybe post some photos on the Instructable page when you have made it, I would love to see your results.

    Let me know if you need any more advice throughout your build, I am very happy to help if I can. Enjoy.

  3. hey. I am fourteen and am currently working on finding the best design for a bike shed to make myself. I am in America and was wondering if I could see a full list of materials for this. and I would need them not in metric but in what ever units America uses (having a brain fart on what it's called) I know this would be a lot of work but thanks in advance if you can help me out, thanks. – Rion Wallace

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