20 Replies to “Backyard bar shed walk thru "the matt cave"”

  1. Friend of mine had one a lot like this in his trailer park, but his also has a bathroom with running water. Beautiful bar

  2. That's so cool, but I don't have enough friends to justify that big of a bar. Plus, I think I'd rather have a reclining couch and one big TV. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had friends lol

  3. Wicked cool. I'd like to do one of these but make a horse shoe bar. Enough room for a pool table and I'd put in an exhaust fan because I smoke cigars.

    Thisnis cool!

  4. Super nice!!!!!I definitely would hang out and watch some Baseball and college football in this place.This spot is Incredible.Good work!👍

  5. Back when I owned a storage facilty I kept 10×15 for myself. Ran a cable under the door for cable and sat on those orange Home Depot buckets flipped over. I dreamed of upgrading but this is just amazing.

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