15 Replies to “ARROW 10 X 8 TOOL SHED BUILD”

  1. One of the best material I've ever seen [ Check Details In My Channel ]! I appreciate the many bonuses that come with this package. This will go a long way to help any woodworker that desires to build the best designs either for personal or commercial use.

  2. Hey guy I'm almost done but mines didnt have holes to screw the rear gable. I followed all the instructions . The front gable have a holes on the frame to screw it on but the rear didnt have any. Please help

  3. Hey guy I'm almost done with mines but the rear gabble install I have problem with. It the upper frame didn't have holes where to screw the rear gabble but the front one does. Did you had to drill it? Please help

  4. In all my years as woodworker I've seen only a handful of nice looking designs as Ryan's package [Check Details Hereā‡’>https://t.co/3IzNssRBxG ]. But the bonuses that comes with it is a total knockout. A very generous offer indeed!

  5. I have spent months studying constructing sheds and found a great website at Adota blueprint pack (google it if you are interested)

  6. Nice build! I made a similar floor for mine too because of some heavy tool boxes needing the extra support but painted it heavily with oil based floor paint before assembling the shed on it. Hoping it slows rot due to water that inevitably leaks in the front door tracks and has to drain out via the wood floor. If it weren't for those sliding door tracks that have to drain water, I would have caulked all around the foundation/shed adjoining areas.

  7. If anyone is interested in shed plans the greatest success that i've had was with the Wilfs Shed Formula (just google it) definately the no.1 course that I have ever followed.

  8. You didn't need to Dremel the screws for the door on top.
    The plastic sliding blocks don't go inside the channel but ride on the lips(have to slide them in before assembly) and prevent the face of the door from contacting the top c-channel as well and scratching the paint .

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