AMISH SHED preparation of site.

This is basically a review of how I prepared the site for the shed. A lot of criticism for sure but since I didn’t show the site prep it created a lot of questions. I did my best to ensure water would freely drain from under the shed. I like stone better than concrete for these sheds. Number one, it’s easier if it ever need to be moved. Number two, the 4×4 rails only make contact with drained stone. Concrete tends to wick moisture into wood.

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  1. Great video, great advice. I learned a lot from the vid and your response to criticisms.
    Not really sure what's "Amish" about it apart from the haircuts and the style of the shed, though (: But maybe the style of the shed is what you meant.
    Great job.
    Thank you.

  2. Excellent! I really like your ramps. Very professional. Thank you for the step by step build process. 🙂

  3. top notch looking shed
    any water problems on slope side? or snow melt if your in that snow area? where does water go? sandy soil drains nice? lot of rule on site preparation does not mean u will have any problmes just uniform way to predict or prepare building sites so if anything does go wrong , fyi…..

  4. Your shed looks great! I can’t understand the negative comments in your other video. Haters I guess? I’ve been looking into purchasing a shed this spring. What company did you use and would you recommend them?

  5. Looks like a great job to me. That picture from this year really looks nice with the green grass growing and all. I watched both of your videos. I know nothing about doing any of this and was trying to see what all is involved. I've always welcome constructive criticism but some people cross the line between being constructive and just downright rude. People really could learn to be nicer to each other. It doesn't cost anything. They would never be so rude in person. I'm a 70 years old partially disabled vet and I want a smaller shed in the back yard to store my tools and so forth in. I know I won't be able to do this myself thanks to your videos. Thanks for posting the videos and just ignore the trolls.

  6. First off – you levelled the site then set the formers ABOVE the levelled site. WRONG. Dig FOUNDATIONS (footings) then set formers to ground level. Second – its what we call "over engineered". Typical amateur error. Go look at a REAL construction site. Still a "thumbs down" from me. Can't be bothered to say more.

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