Amish built Shed

Amish built Shed

Amish built shed, called the “Keystone” model. Built by Studi Built sheds. Was going to put a garage on the house, but this option turned out to be WAY less expensive. Also got 15% off for ordering in May. This shed is built like my home, 16″ on centers, 2×4’s and even uses plywood for sheathing. My house is all OSB including the roof. This will become over time a workshop/man cave. Should be a great place to hang out with my good buddy Reagan.
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  1. A complete and comprehensive package [ Check Details Here=> ], I am so thrilled with what I've got in the package. I could use this for a very long time to come. This is the most complete manual I've ever seen Thank you Ryan.

  2. Why do people seem to believe the Amish build better? If they build something "better," then so be it. But to assume the Amish always build "better" is nonsense. There are many non-Amish who build "better" too! They're just not part of a 'group." Unfortunately, the lay people have bought into the nonsense! "The Italians make the best {Italian} food!" REALLY? My friends, off-the-boat German Grandmother made the best Italian food I've ever eaten! I've been to Italy, many times. I live near Little Italy, NYC. German Granny's food tastes far better, every time! Stop the SUCK UP, "Amish build the best" nonsense. I'm an avid woodworker. The Amish don't build better than me. STOP the ridiculous stuff! My Grandfather was an expert cabinetmaker. An Irishman from the Irish potato farms He never built anything in Ireland! When he came to the USA, he built fine/exclusive cabinetry/furniture (self taught) in a basement in a Brooklyn Brownstone, with old fashion tools. Mostly by hand. People often say, using hand tools creates better products. NONSENSE! I build outstanding quality stuff, using power tools. All of "they are the best"….."this is the best"……..PURE NONSENSE!

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  5. Why buy one of these? You can get a 40' long shipping container for $1500. A 20' for $900 to $750. You can build a little roof on it if you want or whatever but its far more sturdy than this thing and FAR cheaper.


  7. Nice touch with the extra window and the storage space. I just got a 12 x 16 shed, less than 200 sq ft, for a similar by reason. I'm using my shed in a similar fashion. Thanks for sharing.

  8. We have the exact same shed and it is beautiful on the property. We insulated ours and put up bead board and painted it. Did a cathedral ceiling in ours. It is my wife's shed and she decorated it like the women do in the UK and its called a She Shed and is more like a living room than a potting shed but she has a workbench inside for potting plants

  9. Thank you Ryan for sharing such wonderful work of yours in a very affordable cost [Check Details Hereโ‡’> ]. The quality of the work and the materials far exceeds the price. This is the best offer so far.

  10. Know already too late for this, but for anyone else, could see a loft mirroring the existing, over the desk. Then that give about four feet to the desk/work surface, perfect for lights mounted to the underside of the loft. Hyperikon makes some really nice 4' under counter that I have for shop lights: Now with just three, brighter than daylight and great temperature colour being full spectrum.
    Hope this helps.

  11. Trench?? Take 2 spade shovels and work the uf wiring from the house to the shed. You won't have any grass repair to do and it'll be done and over with in less than a few hours. You don't need to get electric wiring too deep. A few inches will be fine. I've done this so many times at so many locations I don't remember how I learned to do this. One shovel next to the other pry the clod of soil up enough to get the wire near the bottom of the spade blade while using the second shovel to told the dirt up just next to the first then remove the first shovel and move it to the other side of the 2nd shovel and on and on. It's very speedy and doesn't create a chasm into your lawn. I would never run electric any other way.

  12. Why does the term Amish mark the price up 500%? never made sense. Their stuff isn't any better than the stuff I build myself. now if you go buy a pre-built kit from home depot yeah you get what you paid for… people are stupid, build it yourself and you could have 2 or 3 sheds for the price of one "Amish built shed"

  13. That house mover thing is cool. That is bigger than our Cabana that all 5 of us lived in here for 6 months. Nice. There is a Mennonite community here where I live in Chile and they are wonderful builders. They built most of our house for us using rough cut lumber.
    It is amazing that "The town only allows….. ". I no longer have this problem. There is no town. No Taxes. No inspections. Wow.
    Thanks for the video I wish I had this little shed. Jim

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