20 Replies to “80 Tool Storage Ideas”

  1. It all looks far too clean and clinical, do any of those tools ever get used, or are they just a rich mans toys. Owning tools is one thing having the talent to use them is another.

  2. I like that one with the pliers… that and that cool screwdriver one..

    (Yes, that's the joke- there are so many, nobody knows which im talking about) 😉

  3. I'm a little sick of pegboard but, I saw some neat ideas. Problems I have is I use metal/machinist and wood. This has given me some inspiration to go forward with something thank you I gave a like and the Sub, cost me nothing so I gave that too.

  4. I see a lot of toys …I mean tools being displayed. A lazy Susan holding small wrenches. I’ll stick with my toolbox with a big WRENCHES label on the drawer. I know where their at and organized in size. The ones where somebody created modular workbenches are cool and need credit.

    1970s called they need their peg board back.

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