7 Easy Shed Organizing Projects

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Things I Used in This Project:
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20 Replies to “7 Easy Shed Organizing Projects”

  1. Very nice- did something similar but with just nails and holes in the handles. Someone busted my lock to my shed and stole- all my power tools

  2. Great Ideas for your scrap wood. What's more oppressive is the 257 thumbs down.🤔 What's up with that am I missing something 🤨

  3. Reversible solar fan , an vented pipes with tops on them to prevent water from entering also screen to prevent critters in . This is a great storage unit
    I gotta do mine . But my space is more HEIGHT ^, then< length> OR WIDTH^….
    I GOT CHIPMUNKS LIVING UNDERNEATH my shed , I sadly will not be evicting them . I will though by law have to reinforce thier door . They pay the rent when they come out an I watch them run around and they get peanuts. Sorry bout that but I'll post a vidoe on the shed , and the CHIPMUNKS .

  4. Thanks for the big ideas I am a handy man & I am about to build my own shed I will sure use your ideas in my shed

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