6×3 Grand Garden Chalet Cedar Shed Assembly Video from Outdoor Living Today

The 6×3 Grand Garden Chalet is big enough for a bicycle, garbage cans
or loads of sporting equipment. Sidle one up to your house today.

Product Features:

Western Red Cedar Construction
Panelized For Quick Assembly
Functional Double Doors
2 Adjustable Shelves
Cedar Shingle Roof (panelized)
All Hardware Included (screws and nails).

Outdoor Living Today manufacturers 50+ Do-it-yourself (DIY) cedar backyard kits ranging from sheds, playhouses, gazebos and pergolas.

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5 Replies to “6×3 Grand Garden Chalet Cedar Shed Assembly Video from Outdoor Living Today”

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  2. Hi Ryan, I just want to thank you so much [ Check Details Here=>lovy.biz/etxg ]! Your plan has saved me much money for buying a pre-built kit from the local market. I am always amazed at the easy way the guidelines takes one through. A great product!

  3. I've built sheds in time past but Ryan's designs are superb [ Check Details Here=>lovy.biz/vcaz ]. His work are second to none. I've never seen such before. The sheds are looking very nice and the building plan instructions are so detailed and very well simplified. This is cool!

  4. Just finished building one today.  Took two days since we did the staining on day one.  Technically it will be three days since one of the trim backer pieces was totally warped and I need to get one tomorrow but if it was in good shape I would have had it done today.  One comment on the video is that it would be really nice to have the text up a little longer.  Also, comment on the instructions, when they say do A. It would be nice if they offered suggestions if A doesn't work.  Like do this, if this doesn't work, try this to get it to work.

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