Building a Shed for Garbage Containers

To remove those ugly garbage containers from plain sight I’m building an enclosure that houses them. It will be a minimalistic designed shed, that houses 2 containers. If you have more or fewer trash cans then you can obviously adapt the design to match those requirements. The idea behind this shed is that it’s simple and doesn’t stand out. Stick around I will show you how I build it!

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Hopefully, I will see you for the next video!
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How to Build a Shed Colonial Style

How to Build a Shed, Colonial-Style

Step 1: Starting At The Bottom
Step 2: Framing The Roof Trusses
Step 3: Building The Walls
Step 4: Setting The Roof Trusses
Step 5: Finishing Touches

You can download Shed Plans and read full detail in this link :

8×12 Shed for $1000: Floor and Walls

8x12 Shed for 00: Floor and Walls

Day 2 was super-productive. I built the floor and got the walls framed. In the process, I lost my hammer, but it all turned out okay in the end.

Check out Social Wood Works shed build going on right now!

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How To Build a Lean To Shed – Cheap & Simple

This is how to build a lean to on your backyard for cheap and very simply. I needed to construct that lean to in order to store future motorcycle projects and other stuff that were laying around.

Tools to use:
Electric Chainsaw:
Power Drill:
Reciprocating Saw:
Angle Grinder:

My first restoration
Honda CRM Mk1 restoration:

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Super Cheap Sheds – Off Grid Cabin – Tiny Home

Super Cheap Sheds – Off Grid Cabin – Tiny Home. (Part Two) Not my first pick for a tiny home or off grid cabin but in a pinch a shed can be used and can be finished and furnished the way you want. These sheds are pretty affordable as well.

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Off Grid Items I Use Or Plan To (Tank Less Water Heater (Propane Stove ) (Solar Panels )(Fire Starter )

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