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  1. when i built our shed i used a plan from WoodBlueprints. Com and it had all the blueprints, supplies, materials, and list well laid out for me.

  2. see you installed the plywood parallel with the joists. I was trained to attach plywood perpendicular to the floor joists for a stiffer floor.>>>tinyurl.com/y4oyrued This applies to the roof and walls too. The grain running in opposite directions makes a stronger construction.

  3. At least I know it wasn't done over a weekend because at 9:18 you could see where the plywood had a chance to kill the grass. Nice building in the end tho…

  4. i love how easy the plans are in WoodBlueprints. Com to understand and the step-by-step videos they have. Makes getting material really easy

  5. You need to take one of those 2×4’s and beat whoever gave you them building plans to 💀👍🏾😆😂🤣

  6. I'm no builder, and maybe I should just shut my mouth and enjoy the show since I'm here watching it, but……I'm looking at a few structural problems right off the get go, just to mention a couple.  Maybe the only load you're expecting to carry on that roof is sunshine, but, if you were in the north, I'd at least glue and nail those joints together, maybe run a horizontal brace about 2 feet below the ridge to keep them from spreading, then put braces at the top of the wall on the rafter tails, like hurricane strips and glue and nail those  seams along with the vertical braces.  Also, like I said, if you weren't expecting settling, or movement or snow loads….I'd have at LEAST nailed a stud to support the horizontal plate for the door (I assume there'll be no windows) I know there's names for those studs, like I said, what the h do I know.  Otherwise, the boards look pretty!  🙂  It's only a 12' room….why didn't you raise those walls prenailed with the sheathing on it already?  You like balancing heavy boards vertically maybe?  I bet you'll put them up vertically huh!  🙂   The floor.  Hmm.  You can NEVER go wrong with 2×6 treated!  Never.  It will rot, trust me.   Seal the ends too.  Lotta folks miss that step, if you look close, the pressure doesn't send that treatment very deep.  2 x 4's just don't seem to look like they will keep a lot of sagging or bouncing from happenin'.  But all in all….hey, who am I…an armchair construction guru?   Learn from your mistakes, or take into consideration good advice, keep trying, don't give up and don't get discouraged.  DON'T THROW THE HAMMER when you get mad at the YouBoob gurus….we nuts anyway so it don't matter.  Have a great one !!

  7. Just like t he $2000 big box waste of material. You could sell it as mother in law adversary dwelling unit (ADU)

  8. Non treated wood resting on those cement blocks will rot over time. I learn that the hard way. Lost interest in video after that.

  9. Plus the critic coments, why the main beam in the roof you do not install? The beam door didn't have support, no window, the whole roof support with just one 2×4? What about the Z metal for upper joint of the siding? Wellcome rain water, less job could be if u put the osb or sidong panel before stand up the wall's, I will make how I know then thanks.

  10. Sheds with metal roofs will sweat and make it rain inside in Florida. The exposure to outer space chills the metal and causes inside condensation.

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