12' x 24' High Barn Storage Shed

12’x24′ High Barn from Backyard Unlimited. This versatile shed is great for general storage, workshop, rec room, or even for parking your car. Visit our website at www.backyardunlimited.com
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  1. Hi Ryan, just want to thank you for your woodwork plans [ Check Details Here=>t.co/xC2GoE03u4 ]I have tried several other plans and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the easiest and most simple plans ever.

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  3. and the doors for the car/ tractor can use a garage door opener Using the Swing out meathid Very Large super cool

  4. here's several things for building sheds
    Start With a Sound Foundation a shed wont last long if it's set on a weak base
    Allow for Air Circulation to prevent damp
    Build a Weather-Resistant Floor Frame
    Use Low Maintenance Materials so you don't have to keep re-painting it
    (Reference: Adota blueprint pack website )

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