10×24 Man Cave Cabin by Derksen Buildings

This is my walk around to a Derksen building 10×24 Cabin style building that i am turning into a man cave. Its a work in progress and ill probably never finish it lol but its my space to go and spend time and watch movies with my kids or whatever.How else can you add 200 sq ft to your house for 3 grand.

I wanted to make this video because i didnt see to many people doing these on youtube. It makes a perfect man cave or an extension to your house. Being from california these out buildings werent as common as in missouri. I got this unit on the rent to own program paying monthly for 36 months. It was a repo unit so it had holes and it smelled really bad. Its my understanding it had animals in it. I finally got the floors sealed and the place cleaned up and it is all good now. The first thing i did was ran the extension cord so i can have power while working on it. I purchased an ac unit open box at Lowes for 150. Its an 8000 btu unit. Then i went and got the dry wall and insulation to complete one wall as i knew i would want to play with the projector while i was fixing it up. I ran 14/2 wire to all the outlets and lighting in the unit and put them on 15,15,20 amp breakers. I still have the exterior wiring to do. Ground rod, conduit, CATV, and 10/3 wiring. It is a work in progress but im glad to have such a fun project. Do date i think i have spent about 100 bucks on all materials. Maybe a bit more.
Id like to thank Anthony Burton for showing me the ropes on how these buildings were and how to get one. If you are in the Fort Leonard Wood area and need a building, hes your guy. Him and his family do realty in this area as well. Check him out in the links below.

Anthony Burton–

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  1. Im getting one same size and everything except its brand new it will be here in 5 days im gonna insulate it put drywall up and a rug and few more odds and ends its gonna be my bedroom

  2. I'll be getting me one of these, one of the barn roof ones, soon. Just the empty shell, but over time I'll put up insulation and walls and electricity and stuff. Turn it into my stoner cave.

  3. I got the same shed. My shed is my hideout. But I'll have computers, 3d printer and scanner. The whole thing is offgrid. 510 watts of solar a small generator and eventually a wind turbine. Fun stuff making your own hideout.

  4. Ignore the haters. You are off to a good start. So you may have jumped the gun. Like a kid with a new toy, it would be hard not too. 🙂

  5. Nice but you too in a hurry putting up Projectors and server etc and so on, I would have repaired the building putting in insulations, sheet rocks, make it look right before even bother to put in a projector inside that building. Just saying… But yeah it's a nice building.

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  7. Rigid insulation can be cut to fit get the 2"+ white against the outer wall and then the 1" blue/pink rigid to the inside fills the gaps between the studs nicely.

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