10×12 Modern Work Shed – Part 2 – Framing The Floor

10x12 Modern Work Shed - Part 2 - Framing The Floor

We’ll be framing up the floor for the modern work shed. You’ll learn what crowning is as well as other tips to make it easy for you to assemble the 2×8 joists into the base of your shed. We’ll start with marking out where you’ll attach the joists on the rim joists, attaching the rim joists to the skids, cutting the joists, assembling it all together and doing some extra reinforcement between the skids and joists.

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10 Replies to “10×12 Modern Work Shed – Part 2 – Framing The Floor”

  1. I noticed you didn't use blocking between the joists. What size floor wood be the minimum for blocking between the joists?

  2. I shouted over to my neighbor the details and progress of your video, which I thought was very, very good. This guy, who calls himself "The Swiper", when you mention that it would be all right to toenail the joists instead of using the right angle braces, said, "tell him 'Hey jerk, get your ten inch twisted wallet out of your ass and buy the Simpson Strong ties – and grow the blank up!'" I said, "'Swiper'" he in fact, ended up using, mostly, the strong Ties". The Swiper says, "Toenailing, is for impatient kitty Schoolboys who have to rush off to have their mommy help them take a wee wee". Anyway, I liked the video.

  3. Hi your comment about special screws for pressure treated timber! Why are they needed instead of normal screws? Cheers

  4. Great info! Would you know what degree of cut I would need on both ends to fit my 2×6 true A-frame shed rafters (shingles from top to bottom) to the floor and the 2×6 ridge board at the top on a 12'x12' floor? Like both sides of the 'A' are the rafters.

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