10 x12 Modern Work Shed – Part 6 – Framing The Roof

10 x12 Modern Work Shed - Part 6 - Framing The Roof

Now that the walls are rigid from the structural sheathing we’re going to tackle the framing the roof. We’re going to use 2×8 lumber to make the roof frame. You’ll see how a speed square and hand saw is your best friend when it comes to cutting the birds-mouths for the rafters. Those 14 foot sub fascia boards are heavy. I’ll share with you how I got those suckers up there.

Shed Roof Framing Article – https://www.adventuresindiy.com/home-improvement/modern-shed/building-a-modern-shed-part-6-framing-the-roof
Japanese Ryoba Saw Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hVJUGth7Uc&t=141s
Japanese Ryoba Saw – https://amzn.to/2pGXOAX
Swanson Speed Square – https://amzn.to/2zXgr9v
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15 Replies to “10 x12 Modern Work Shed – Part 6 – Framing The Roof”

  1. Sorry…I realize that being on the top of the ladder is not recommended. Please be careful when you work on ladders.

  2. You did a fantastic job on this shed. I want to build one for myself and I was wondering if you have a link for the graphics and materials list?

  3. Did you get that hat with your hand saw? Just kidding 😋 When I was drawing up a shed (that hasn't been built yet…) I came up with almost the same design. I do wonder why you went with 10×12 though, I was hoping to make it 12×16. Tried to go through local building codes (which is a nightmare) but so far I think you don't need a permit under 200 square feet, is it 120 in your county? I want to make it as big as possible without the need for permits and inspections…

    I can't tell from the video which way is south, I was planning to have the short back wall face the sun so the overhang could keep the sun off the wall in the summer while letting some light and heat in through some windows in the winter.

    All in all I think you may have watched a lot of the same videos as I did researching how to build a shed. There's this 80's video series on how to frame a house that's one of the best I've found. Also putting your insulation on the outside and taping seams might point to having watched some building science videos with Joe Lstiburek, you just didn't fully connect your moisture barrier and insulation to the floor/foundation which would also make it more expensive and complicated…

  4. Solid work man! Can I get away with using 2x6s for roof rafters? They will span 12ft, with an over hang on the front and back of 3ft. So 18ft long 2x6s. The roof is just plastic corrugated stuff. No snow load, I'm in Hawaii. The rafters will be sitting on two 2x8s resting on trees I cut for poles. (Kind of pergola style but with a roof). It's for my outdoor kitchen. I'm broke and trying to drop out of the system / live off grid.

    Long story short, will 2x6s for rafters with 2x3s for perlins sag ? I used 2x4s for my tiny house roof and definitely made a mistake. It's holding but you can see the sag already.

  5. Fantastic series of videos! Will you be making a video of installing the roof? Will this be finished inside and if so will the roof be vented? I'm about to build a similar shed which will become a guest room so I'm looking for info on venting shed roofs.

  6. Looks real good. Nice job! I’m guessing it’s already done and you’re catching us up. Looks like the hard part is done (as long as you don’t fall off putting the sheathing on).

  7. I assume you live in a warm climate by all the palm trees. 😉 For folks building this in a cold(snow load) climate the fly rafters should be tied into the previous rafter to help share the load. I can tell this is being built by a woodworker not a carpenter. You should wind up with a pretty solid structure when your all done.

  8. You've come a long way since the last video–or I missed one or two. Looks great. I'll bet you're the only one in the neighborhood using a ryoba for bird's mouth work. Make 'em drool! 😉

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